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We provide technical and financial support to talents with clever business ideas, helping them turn their dreams into reality.

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Marcel Červený

CEO of the BIQ Group

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Vláďa Moravec


We started as a garage company and grew into B!Q group. Now it's time for us to help other garage projects through our incubator, which provides technical and financial support to people with clever business ideas, helping them turn their dreams into reality. With our guidance and resources, we empower entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential and achieve success in the competitive business world.

We are strongly interested in Technological topics:
  • New tech (software and hardware)

  • E-commerce & Logistics

  • Efectivity

  • AI implementation

  • Fintech

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AI implementation
New technology

Why work with us

Unlock your potential with
B!q group

We offer a range of services including mentoring, funding, and resources to help people turn their clever business ideas into reality.

Financial & Legal support
We provide office space in Prague or Brno and good coffee
Our skilled software and hardware coworkers will support you
Great network lines in CEE with potential customers
We could connect you with european VC fonds
We are able to build complex IT solutions
Apart tech, we can also help you with commercial side: Marketing and Sales
We can help you build your team: from hiring initial talent to scaling
Regular sessions with B!Q executives who are happy to help your business

How we do it

how we could

We are flexible and open to all forms of cooperations, it all depends on individual case. You might want to build your own company with our funding or become a part of B!Q group as an employee driving their own project.

1. Become a part of B!Q group
Receive personalized mentorship from industry experts who will guide you every step of the way.
2. Build you business
Connect with a diverse community of like-minded students and professionals to expand your network.

The journey

You decided to

1. Selection criteria
Please fill out the Excel with business requirements to join application review process‍
2. Create presentation
Create a nice PowerPoint presentation of your idea. We would like to learn about your team, product you're building and the market you're addressing.
Create presentation
3. Send it all via mail
Submit your business idea and meet our team for evaluation.
Send it all to
4. Application Review 
by Marcel & Vlad
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Who we are

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BiQ Group accompanies leaders through the challenges of the digital world. We have grown from 30 people to more than 460 experts operating in several regions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We develop complex digital projects on proven platforms.

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